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Dream Lens

DreamLens korrigiert Sehschwächen im Schlaf

DreamLens – Night time Contact Lenses

DreamLens contact lenses are a revolutionary new type of lens. They correct your vision as you sleep, so you are free from wearing contact lenses or glasses during the day.

How do DreamLens contact lenses work?

DreamLens uses tailor-made contact lenses, designed and manufactured to your precise needs, to mould the cornea in order to correct or reduce short-sightedness and astigmatism of the eye. The cornea is highly elastic and always returns to its original shape. For this reason, DreamLens lenses are worn every night and removed in the morning to give clear vision throughout the day, without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

They are known as ‘gas permeable lenses’ that slightly reform the surface of your eye during the hours that you are asleep. This type of lens is also known as corneal reshaping and they must be specially fitted by a qualified contact lens optician. Results can be seen after wearing DreamLens lenses for just one night and it could result in up to 36 hours of clear vision when you take them out.

Can I wear DreamLens contact lenses?

Do you want to experience life without glasses or contact lenses? Do you play a lot of sports? Have you considered laser eye surgery, but are worried about the risk and expense? If the answer to any of these questions is yes and you are short sighted, then you are a potential candidate for DreamLens contact lenses.

No matter your age, DreamLens lenses are a great solution for mild to mid myopia or short-sightedness and with little risk involved, you are able to stop using them whenever you feel like. It’s also a great option for young children who may feel uncomfortable wearing prescription glasses or other contact lenses during the day.

Book your free trial with one of our Contact Lens Opticians and they will be able to assess your suitability and fit you with DreamLens contact lenses.

How do I try DreamLens lenses?

If you’re looking to try DreamLens lenses for yourself, getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply make an appointment to find out whether you’re suitable. Your initial assessment and expert advice on suitability is free, so there’s no need to worry about initial costs when you’re deciding whether these are the right lenses for you.

If you are suitable for DreamLens lenses, your eyes will be examined with specialist eyemapping equipment, enabling you to get the right fitting lens which is unique to you. The information gathered is then transmitted to a special laboratory where the lenses are tailor made to your individual specifications. Once the lenses have been developed, our specialist Contact Lens Optician will guide you through the fitting process and also show you how you use them. We will offer advice on how you should maintain your new lenses and also how to get used to wearing them. Your progress will then be regularly monitored after you have worn the lenses for the first time.