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Keratoconus lenses with state-of-the-art technology

The eye disease keratoconus refers to the progressive thinning and conical deformation of the cornea of ​​the eye (cornea).

The disease usually begins one-sidedly, but the partner’s eye is usually affected in the medium term.
The disease can be bumpy and usually affects only the central cornea. Men are affected twice as often as women.

As a rule, those affected are short-sighted. However, this myopia cannot be completely corrected with glasses because the conical corneal protrusion causes irregular astigmatism.

The first signs are frequent eyeglass corrections with changes in the axis and changing eyesight, as well as increasing astigmatism, often first on one eye.
Because it is a rare disease, early-stage symptoms are often not associated with this type of eye disease.

In keratoconus, those affected see, in part only in one eye: double images, additional shadows on letters and objects, as well as streaks or star-shaped rays, which seem to emanate from light sources.

A reliable assessment of the symptoms in the initial stage is only possible through an analysis of the corneal surface, the corneal surface and the thickness of the cornea. With the help of this analysis, special lenses can be adapted and the person affected can be helped as best as possible.