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Optometry for Babies

Ihr Kinder Optometrist

Professional contact lens fitting for your babies at Opti-med. Augenoptik

Lentils as therapy for the youngest: so that their vision can develop well from the beginning.
When a disease damages children’s eyes, everything is different. For some children, contact lenses are medically necessary. The ophthalmologist prescribes such a visual aid for medical reasons. Only with the help of contact lenses do these children have the chance to learn (correctly) again. Of course, these are contact lenses that are personalized and made to measure. Standard solutions do not exist here. When children notice that contact lenses help you, even the little ones will come along.

Medical contact lenses
They are used, for example, in children:

  • whose cornea has been permanently changed by a foreign body or is already badly curved.
  • whose lenses are clouded by cataract (cataract)? Some children will already be born with this eye disease.
  • where myopia is very strong and fast (diagnosis: progressive Myopia).

In these children, contact lenses are an essential part of a successful.